Power Extreme Evolution Eyelash Adhesive


    Power Extreme Evolution Adhesive is recommended for beginner, intermediate, and advanced lash artists. The best temperature for Power Extreme Adhesive is 20-25°C (68°F - 77°F) with perfect humidity conditions being...

    Super Bonder for Eyelash Extensions


    Description: Suitable for all adhesives Increase the elasticity of the adhesive. Maximize eyelash retention up to 30% Cost-effective – 1 bottle can be used for 150 – 200 clients! Clients...

    Power Extreme Eyelash Adhesive


    Power Extreme Eyelash Adhisive is recommended for beginner and intermediate lash artists. The best temperature for Super Quantum Adhesive is 20-25°C (68°F - 77°F) with perfect humidity conditions being 40-70%.Retention:...

    Lash Glue Primer for Eyelash Extension


    Description: Enhance eyelash durability Prevent the glue from turning white Strengthen the adhesion of glue How to use: Use before eyelash extensions ONLY Step 1: Use a micro cotton swab...

    Non-Woven Isolation Tape for Lash Extensions


    Features Hypoallergenic and breathable Moderate stickiness Can be used to stick lower eyelashes Can be used to stretch the eyelids Perfectly fits the upper lashes Details Color: pink, white, green, purple,...

    Medical Grade Sensitive Eyelash Adhesive


    Medical Grade Sensitive Adhesive works well with your clients who are sensitive to eyelash adhesive.This is recommended for beginner, intermediate, and advanced lash artists. The best temperature for Medical Grade...

    Tweezers Glue Cleanser


    Description: Quickly remove the remaining glue on the tweezers in 3 seconds, clean and without residue How to use: Dip the part of the tweezers with residual glue into the...

    Eyelash Extensions Cleaning KIT | Shampoo & Brush & Wash Bottle


    You Will Get: 1 Lash Shampoo Cleansing Foam for Eyelash Extension in 50ml; 1 pink Eyelash Extensions Cleaning Brush; 1 pink PE Water Rinse Wash Bottle 250ml. Help you get...

    Gel Eyepad


    Features Moisturizing, soft, and non-deformable. Lightweight and breathable, giving customers a comfortable grafting experience. No adhesion to eyelashes Independent aluminum film packaging, sanitary Used to isolate upper and lower eyelashes...

    Eyelash Growth Serum

    $29.99 – $159.99

    Description: Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested and approved. Strengthen, thicken, and fortify eyelashes and eyebrows effectively, and its proprietary complex of active ingredients can adjust and soften lashes and brows. How...

    Glue Gel Remover for Eyelash Extensions


    Description: Our eyelash extensions cream remover is designed to remove eyelash extensions safely and easily. It is perfectly formulated to stay on the lashes without any running into the client's...

    Eyelash Extensions Cleaning Brush


    Eyelash Extensions cleaning brush is easy to help you remove protein or cosmetics on eyelashes and eye-zone. If you use this brush with a foam lash cleanser will get great...

    Disposible Micro Applicators Brushes 100pcs


    THE SPECS Quantity: 100pcs/box Material: fiber Color: white FEATURES Multipurpose: The eyelash micro brush is used to remove the grafted can hold your solutions to avoid dripping, spilling, and...

    Glue Holder Aluminium Foil Stickers Tools


    Features Aluminum foil material made, waterproof and easy to use. Extend the speed of glue hardening to make grafting smoother. Glue sticker is a disposable application tool that can be...

    Water Rinse Wash Bottle 250ML


    Why do you need this Water Rinse Wash Bottle? Can be used to store washing solutions, makeup water, or deionized water. Can be used to easily measure how much liquid to...

    Sensitive Silicone Eyelash Tape for length 5m


    STICKINESS UPGRADED - The silicone gel lash tape for eyelash extensions is made of polydimethylsiloxane materials, providing you with moderate stickiness. It remains in place while working on your clients,...

    Clear Cling Wrap Film


    To be used during the lash removing process, just cover with a small wrap of film, the removing speed will be accelerated. Also can be used as a preservative film...



    Features: Our curved eyelash tweezers are the must-have tool for any lash artist! These tweezers have an extremely precise thin tip which makes them great for isolation or picking single...

    Air Blower


    Features With the one-way air inlet valve, prevent the air into the balloon from the nozzle. Nozzle with a plastic stick protection. Super soft, hand feeling is very good, comfortable...

    Glitter Mascara Brushes


    Features Appropriate for home or salon use. Mascara brushes are a great tool for aftercare for eyelash extension. Combs and separates the extensions without damaging. A perfect little tool to...

    Heart-shape Tape Cutter


    Open the cover during use, pull out the tape or transparent rubber head, pull out the paper roll smoothly, and easy to cut. Reusable and refillable when the tape runs...

    3 In 1 Eyelash Training Practice Tray


    If you are a starter, then think no more, you need it!Use Allove 3 In 1 Eyelash Training Practice Tray in just 2 steps to help you go from beginner...

    Eyelash Extensions Cleaning KIT | Shampoo & Brush


    You Will Get: 1 Lash Shampoo Cleansing Foam for Eyelash Extension in 50ml; 1 pink Eyelash Extensions Cleaning Brush. Help you get there in one step with the best combination...

    100% Acrylic Lash Pallet in Iridescent Rectangle


    Life needs Iridescent, and your stressful work needs some fun. This will add some fun to your work, and will also make your clients feel relaxed and happy. Do your...

    Eyelash Extension Mirror


    Feature:Can clearly check the eyelash extension.High quality, stainless steel made. Can be disinfected at high temperatures, clean and healthy. Specification:Quantity: 1 PCColor: SilverSize: 16.5cm*2.3cmMaterial: Stainless Steel

    Lash Coating


    Description: Extend the retention of the extension curvature of the eyelash extensions, make the eyelashes firmer and not easy to fall off Form a protective film to effectively extend the...

    Small Soft Mascara Brush 50pcs/pack


    Mascara Brushes are a great tool for aftercare for eyelash extension. Appropriate for home or salon use. Combs and separates the extensions without damaging them. A perfect little tool to...

    Pink Jade Stone


    Features Used as a tray for eyelash extension glue. Used as a tray holder for liquid glue during the eyelash extension assembly process Can be used multiple times and easy...

    Lash Shampoo Cleansing Foam for Eyelash Extension


    Description: Using natural ingredients, gentle and non-irritating. It is used to deeply clean the eyelashes and eye area before and after grafting, and remove eyelash oil and cosmetic residues. Prevent...



    Features: This shape tweezer more durability and the most precision for the thinnest lashes and volume techniques. Regular Tip Volume Tweezers are perfect for: using a huge range of volume...

    Heart-Shaped Glue Ring


    FeaturesThe Heated-Shaped bloming glue cups have a gap of smart design at the ring which can be fastened to tweezers. While clipping the ring onto the straight tweezers used to...

    Pink Flower Shaped Glue Cup for Eyelash Extensions


    FEATURES A Good Tool for Eyelash Extension --- You can use glue for small drops. It doesn't dry as quickly as gluing. It sticks well with the sticker below. Increase...

    Practice Lashes Beginners Training Tools 8mm


    The eyelashes are neatly arranged and easy to separate, which is more convenient during practice, and you can quickly learn eyelash grafting. The product itself has glue, which can be...

    Silicone Holder Pad


    Shaky hands during eyelash extensions that often cause lashes to fall out? You need a pad to help you hold it in place! Silicone material, anti-static, good adsorption, to help...



    Features: Created with a precise tip, these straight isolation tweezers have a thin tip for perfect isolation. Perfect for removing lash strips from the case, and all the other tasks...

    Adhesive Cleansing Wipes


    FeaturesAdhesive Cleansing Wipes will always keep your adhesive nozzle tip clean and ready for its next use with its special technology allows you to clean without catching and causing a...

    Cleansing Micro Swab Brushes


    Features Micro swabs are used when applying remover or primer to the lashes. The fine tip of the micro brush allows you to isolate a specific area when using the...

    Agate Glue Stones Holder Tool for Eyelash Extensions


    FEATURES Provide a cool surface that keeps your glue in lower temperature meaning fresher glue for longer. The smooth surface makes it much easier to dose the glue and remove...

    Heart-Shaped Pink Glue Holder for Eyelash Extensions


    FEATURES This lash adhesive holder has room for 12 glue drops making it easy and fast to refresh your glue throughout your lash extension appointments. Gone are the days of...

    Glue Pins For Eyelash Extensions


    Have you ever felt wasteful about unused glue drying out? Allove Glue Pins are ideal and practical eyelash extension tools, which can help us seal the glue bottle well, keeping...

    Clear Crystal Eyelash Brushes with Tube


    Why do you need this Brush? Mascara brushes are a great tool for aftercare for eyelash extension. Each brush comes with a tube, lashes brushes are light and small, easy...

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